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A variety of Short Courses will be offered on Sunday, 23 June from 09:00 - 16:30 covering the four topics of Machine Learning, Electrical Bio-Interfaces, Flexible IoT and Lab/Organ on Chip.

Each half-day short course will consist of 3 hours of lectures. Fee includes entrance to one short course, one copy of the course notebook, and coffee breaks. The attendees must choose the course(s) or lectures they would like to attend at the time of registration as there will be no in and out privileges and material will only be prepared for those who sign up for the Sunday Short Course. Early registration is encouraged as seating is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

All Short Courses will be held at the Estrel Berlin.

Morning Short Courses - 9:00-12:00

Track 1 - Short Course 1
Title: Introduction to Machine Learning
Presenter: Dr. Pedram Pad

Track 2 - Short Course 2
Title: Next Generation Machine-Brain Interface

Track 3 - Short Course 3
Title: Bioinspired Soft Electronics and Machines
Presenter: Professor Martin Kaltenbrunner
Affiliation: Johannes Keppler University Linz, AUSTRIA

Track 4 - Short Course 4
Title: Lab-on-Chip
Presenter: Professor Loes Segerink
Affiliation: Twente University, THE NETHERLANDS

Afternoon Short Courses - 13:30-16:30

Track 1 - Short Course 5 (Continuation of Short Course 1)
Title: Current Challenges in Industrial Machine Learning
Presenter: Dr. Pedram Pad

Track 2 - Short Course 6
Title: Interfacing a Damaged Nervous System
Presenter: Professor Stanisa Raspopovic
Affiliation: ETH Zürich, SWITZERLAND

Track 3 - Short Course 7
Title: IoH: Internet of Health
Presenter: Professor Adrian Ionescu, EPFL, SWITZERLAND
Presenter: Dr. Jonas Weiss, IBM Zürich, SWITZERLAND

Track 4 - Short Course 8
Title: Organ-on-Chip
Presenter: Professor Andries van der Meer
Affiliation: Twente University, THE NETHERLANDS

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